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Bore Installations and Repairs in Perth

Unhappy with the cost of watering your garden?  From a cost perspective it definitely makes sense to get a bore.  Having a bore also increases the value of your property and allows you to water your garden one extra day per week.  Your plants will love this during the Perth summer.

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If you are thinking of getting a bore, ensure to call us first.  We install bore and retic systems that are compatible with one another:

  • If the water is prone to iron staining we employ specialized retic (e.g. “bore rated” drip line) to minimize or prevent staining and blockages.
  • Retic designed to operate within the proper pressure range ensures maximum life span from the bore pump.
  • Properly designed retic also helps prevent issues such as iron bacteria from blocking the bore.

The position, depth and construction of the bore are critical for maximizing water quality and preventing or minimizing problems such as iron stain.  Never rely on a cheap, inexperienced driller!

We always use quality components for our bores such as Lowara (Italian made) stainless steel submersible pumps and Class 9 PVC casing’s.  Being of a “submersible” design, you will only see a small green bore-box cover on the ground instead of a large “witch hat” style tin lid as used on wells.

Cost to install a new bore?  Typically $3,000 to $5,000 plus GST depending on depth of water table and flow rate requirements. Supply and install includes the following:

  • Drilling of bore hole.
  • 100mm slotted class 9 PVC screen and casing with base plug.
  • Italian made LOWARA stainless steel submersible pump.
  • Gravel packing, back-fill & air developing.
  • Electrical wire-up to bore INCLUDING cable, conduit & pump switch relay.
  • Misc parts: Discharge pipe, stainless steel cabling, bore box.

Please contact us for a free quote.

Want to automate a manual bore?   We can install an automatic controller or timer such as Rainbird ESP-RZX or Hunter X-Core. This is then integrated with your existing pump switch relay. This costs about $570 plus GST. If the existing retic is broken up into zones or stations via gate or ball valves, these can be replaced with electric solenoid valves and controlled via the automatic controller. With this in place you can now program the retic to run on a specific date and time.

Please contact us for a quote.


We have specialist bore technicians and electricians for repairing and restoring your existing bore.

Call-out fee to diagnose faulty bore: Includes report on pump (does not include repair costs). $120 plus GST.

Faulty retic controller? Cost to install Rainbird ESP-RZX or Hunter X-Core 6 station automatic controller is $360 plus GST. This includes installation by licensed electrician and programming.

Pump switch does not work? If controller appears ‘alive’ but pump switch is making no noise then usual cause is faulty bore contactors. Replacement cost is $235 plus GST.

Flow rate of bore is decreasing? Air-developing the bore can often help improve flow rate of the bore. Submersible bore pump is removed then compressed air is pumped down the bore hole to loosen and flush built-up silt, mud and slimes. This helps restore water flow to the bore hole and screen. Usual cost is $550 plus GST.

Redrill bore hole to improve flow or water quality: We usually redrill adjacent to existing borehole. Includes new pipework and screen, gravel packing and developing. Cost is usually ~$85 per meter of depth plus GST.

Bore is losing prime? This is usually due to a faulty check valve. Usual cost to supply and install a new 50mm brass check valve & test is $575 plus GST.

Submersible pump is runnings but no water is flowing? Usually indicates either broken poly ‘discharge pipe’ or snapped shaft between pump and motor. Cost to pull submersible pump from bore hole and inspect is usually $360 plus GST. If broken disscharge pipe then total cost is usually $390 plus GST.

Replace existing submersible bore pump and motor (inc bore fittings): Usual cost for residential bore is $1500 – $2500 plus GST.

Connect a pump switch relay to an automatic controller (electrician): $210 plus GST.

General labour rate for bore technician: $125 per hour plus GST.

Please contact us for repairs.


We can usually solve bore related iron staining.  This can be removed and prevented.

Also, if you are unsure whether your water is suitable for plants, or other purposes, we can firstly have it analysed, then improve it using methods such as fertilizer or acid injection.

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