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Quality retic componentsThe Retic Gurus provides reticulation repairs to all suburbs north and south of Perth. We repair solenoid valves, controllers and sprinklers, and repair damaged pipes.  We are experts at trouble-shooting electrical faults and eliminating issues such as poor sprinkler pressure and blockages.

We can also provide a complete system checkup to ensure all sprinklers are working properly and that the controller settings are correct.

Need a new controller?  We install the best, most reliable models – see below.

Broken popups and blocked nozzles?  See our selection below.

Water-wise?  You would be amazed how much water can be saved by simply fitting correctly sized sprinkler nozzles.  Also, fitting Hunter MP Rotator sprinklers in lawn areas or dripline in garden beds will usually reduce water usage by 30% or more when designed properly.

Retic system overhaul?  How many times has your retic been repaired over the past few years? Why not avoid this inconvenience and cost by having a system overhaul.  We can replace all pop-ups and fit water-wise, filtered nozzles. These improve coverage, minimize water usage and are resistant to blockages.

how to find solenoid valves

Lost solenoid valves?  We carry the most modern devices for locating solenoids.  So even if your solenoids are buried deep under ground we are usually able to find them.

Electrical problems with older systems?  Many older retic systems are a wiring mess largely due to individual loose wire strands all of the same colour.  This scenario is prone to damage and ongoing electrical faults that are usually very costly to diagnose and repair.  To avoid on-going costs, it is best to replace the entire wiring loom with a multi-core, colour-coded wire that is protected in electrical grade conduit.

Bore repairs and maintenance: We have specialist bore technicians and electricians for repairing and restoring your existing bore.  Click here for more information.

Pricing (repairs & maintenance): Add GST to these prices.

  • Call-out fee: $40 (covers public liability insurance and travel).
  • General labour charge: $22.50 for every 15 minutes (minimum 1 hour charge).
  • Install/ replace retic controller: $360 plus (inc. electrician).
  • Retic cut-in (inc. check valve and isolation tap): $230 (inc. plumber).
  • Solenoid valves (ex labour): $40-$60 (depending on brand).
  • Detection of solenoids and broken wires: $50 equipment surcharge.
  • Static popup sprinklers (ex nozzle and labour): $8.
  • Static MPR nozzles (Toro 570 or Toro Precision – ex labour): $7.
  • MP Rotator nozzles (ex labour): $20.
  • Gear drive sprinklers (eg Hunter PGP – ex labour): $32
  • Lawn retic: $7 to $15 per square meter.
  • Garden bed retic: $10 to $15 per square meter.
  • Rain detector: $250 (wireless type).
  • Lawn pricing – see Lawn page.
  • Bore repairs or install – click here.
  • Bore call-out (Electrician): $120 (covers first 15 minutes of work).
  • Bore call-out (Bore technician): $120 (covers first 15 minutes of work).

Note, we only install quality components such as Rainbird, Hunter, Bermad, Toro, Irritrol and Netafim and provide 12 months warranty on all labour.

Payment methods: EFT, VISA, MasterCard or AMEX (**1.8% surcharge payable) or cheque.  Please contact us for repairs.


We only install retic components that guarantee performance and long service life.  Items such as cheap nozzles, narrow pipe and regular solenoids end up costing you more in the mid to long term.

Retic controllers: We can install or replace various modern retic controllers including Rainbird ESP-RZX, Hunter X-Core, Rainbird ESP-Me and Wifi enabled models:

  • Rainbird ESP-RZXe 6 or 8 station outdoor controller:  Extremely reliable, durable and are very simple to use.
    –  Weather proof cabinet and ‘non-volatile’ memory which prevents power failure from wiping the program.
    –  The cost to supply, fit and commission is $360 plus GST for the 6 station model and $400 plus GST for the 8 station (includes electrician where required).
    –  Literature and videos: Brochure  |  Manual | Overview video
  • Hunter X-Core 6 or 8 station outdoor controller: These are simple to use, weather proof, lockable and have ‘non-volatile’ memory which prevents power failure from wiping the program.
    –  In the event of “unseasonal” weather changes, the station times can be quickly altered without affecting the regular program settings.
    –  The cost to supply, fit and commission is $360 plus GST for the 6 station model and $400 plus GST for the 8 station (includes electrician where required).
    –  Literature and videos: Brochure  |  Manual | Overview video
  • Rainbird ESP- Me, 4 to 24 station outdoor controller:  The 4 station base unit can be expanded up to 24 stations using 3 or 6-station expansion modules ($65 to $125 each).
    –  The ESP has many sophisticated features including system diagnostics and ‘non-volatile’ memory.
    –  The cost to supply, fit and commission is $440 plus GST for the 4 station base unit (includes electrician where required).
    –  Literature and videos:  Brochure | Manual | Overview video.
  • Hydrawise 5 to 11 station controller:  Wifi connectivity enables remote programming and auto watering adjustment via live feeds from weather bureau.
    –  It is easy to program.
    –  Hydrawise’s external transformer requires a GPO power point (costs about $180 to fit if unavailable).
    –  The cost to supply, fit and commission the 5 station indoor model is $460 plus GST.
    –  The 11 station indoor model costs $540 plus GST.
    –  Weatherproof box for outdoor mounting is $70 plus GST.
    –  Literature and videos:  Brochure  |  Manual | Overview video

Rainbird 100-HV solenoid valve:  This is a professional grade solenoid valve that provides outstanding performance and durability:

  • High flow design for maximum water delivery in low pressure situations.
  • Trouble-free service with fewer parts than equivalent valve types and captive multi-drive screws.Bermad solenoid valves for retic Perth
  • Literature:  Brochure

Bermad 200 Series solenoid valve:  This is a professional grade valve for controlling and regulating the flow of water within an irrigation system.  This valve greatly outperforms regular retic solenoid valves:

  • Unlike cheaper valves, this design is far less susceptible to terminal failure from sand, debris and buildup.  Consequently the valve body rarely ever needs replacing.
  • Literature:  Brochure

Hunter PGP Ultra gear drive sprinkler unit:  These are a heavy duty gear-drive popup sprinkler commonly used in commercial locations and public parks.

  • Hunter PGP Ultra for retic PerthWatering radius adjustable from 5 to 14m (PGP is supplied with multiple nozzles).
  • Very durable body with working parts highly tolerant of dirty water and sand ingress.
  • Literature and videos:  Brochure | Review (video) | Manual (PDF) | Manual (video)

Hunter MP Rotator sprinkler nozzles:  Rather than simply “spray” water onto landscapes, MP Rotators deliver multiple streams of water at a steady rate.

This slower application rate allows water to gently soak into the soil and achieves an even distribution throughout the area being irrigated. This increased efficiency results in 30% less water use when compared to traditional sprays and significantly reduces wasteful runoff.

Toro Precision sprinkler nozzles:    The Precision spray nozzle applies water about 30% slower than regular nozzles.  This minimizes run-off and water consumption without sacrificing plant health. The unique H²O Chip also generates a larger, more uniform droplet size resulting in consistency across the irrigated arc.

  • Toro Precision nozzles for retic PerthFive radius choices ranging from 1.5 to 4.6m plus rectangular patterns for narrow gardens.
  • Available in six fixed arcs which helps conserve water through better edge definition.
  • Can be installed onto any conventional popup sprinkler body (e.g. Toro 570Z) or shrub adapter.
  • Their slow flow rate means retic systems requires fewer solenoids.
  • Literature and videos:  Brochure | Review (video)

Toro 570 Series sprinkler nozzles:  Reliable and durable nozzles for use with regular popups and shrub adaptors.

  • Toro 570 nozzles for retic PerthLarge selection of nozzles to suit various watering scenarios:  Available in fixed or adjustable arc.
  • Five radius choices from from 1.5 to 4.6m plus rectangular patterns for gardens.
  • Fine-mesh filter screens to prevent clogging.
  • Adjustment screw allows up to 25% radius reduction and complete shut off.
  • Can be installed onto any conventional popup sprinkler body (e.g. Toro 570Z) or shrub adapter.
  • Literature:  Brochure | Overview video

Toro 570Z popups:  These are durable and reliable popups for residential sized lawns and gardens.

  • Toro 570 popups for retic PerthDurable plastic body and strong stainless-steel spring.
  • Accepts common nozzles such as Toro Precision, Toro 570 and Hunter MP Rotator.
  • Ratcheting riser allows for easy arc adjustment.
  • Available in 5 popup heights ranging from 50 to 300mm.
  • Seals and operates at low pressures – 100 kPa.
  • Flushing upon retraction clears sand and debris for reliable pop-down.
  • Literature:  Brochure

Boreline dripline:  This is a durable high flow dripline that provides deep watering for roots and has high resistance to blockage.

  • Boreline dripline for retic PerthBoreline can be stored on the surface or beneath mulch.
  • Each dripper delivers 8L/hr flow rate at 100kPa.
  • 300mm spacing between drippers.
  • Drippers are internally mounted on black UV resistant low density polyethylene.
  • Large dripper filtration area is resistant to blockage from typical bore contaminants such as sand and iron oxide.
  • Literature:  Brochure

Antelco Shrubbler:  Reliable dripper unit for watering isolated plants and small areas such as pot plants and hanging baskets.

  • Antelco shrubblers for retic PerthPressure compensated:  Maintains output rate if water pressure increases or decreases (30L/hr approx).
  • Watering pattern 360 degrees x 300mm diameter approx (Operating pressure 100 kPa to 350 kPa).
  • Can be disassembled for easy cleaning.
  • Coloured cap for easy identification.
  • Integrated with ground stake for secure anchoring.
  • Literature:  BrochureOverview video

Toro ‘flood’ Bubblers:  High flow rate, low radius nozzle ideal for deep watering.

  • flood bubblers for retic PerthCan be installed onto any conventional popup sprinkler body (e.g. Toro 570Z) or shrub adapter.
  • Adjustment screw allows for radius reduction and complete shut off.
  • Fine-mesh filter screens to prevent clogging.
  • Great for isolated trees and large shrubs while being established.

Multicore wire:  Multiple strands of colour-coded wire protected in PVC sheath.

  • multicore wire for retic PerthConductor is plain oxygen free copper wire.
  • Insulation is UV stabilised, redpolypropylene to AS3808.
  • Outer Sheath:  Flexible 75°C PVC to AS3808 RoHS Compliant.
  • Literature:  Brochure


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