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Reticulation FAQ

Do you provide a warranty?

We provide a full 12 month warranty on our labour.  A manufacturers statutory warranty applies to all hardware.   We only install quality components such as Rainbird, Hunter, Bermad, Rainbird, Toro, Irritrol and Netafim.


What are your payment methods?

Payment can be made by EFT, VISA or MasterCard (**1.8% surcharge payable) or cheque.


Can you provide a retic controller that is reliable and user friendly?

We usually install Rainbird ESP-RZX retic controllers for standard residential applications:

  • These are easy to program.
  • Protected by a weather proof cabinet
  • Its ‘non-volatile’ memory prevents programming from being wiped by power failure.

We also regularly install the Rainbird ESP-Me due to its capacity to control upto 24 stations.  For remote control-ability via smart-phone we install the Hydrawise controller.  More information…


It has just rained and my retic is scheduled to turn on.  What can I do about this?

rain detector for garden reticulationA rain detector will automatically switch your reticulation system off in the event of rain. Rain detectors are generally mounted on the edge of a gutter.  Wireless versions are available which avoids having to run unsightly wires.  We can install these for $250 plus GST.

The Wifi enabled Hydrawise controller will download local weather forecasts to make Predictive Watering™ adjustments on your controller.  Hence your watering schedule will be automatically adjusted depending on factors such as temperature, humidity and rainfall. More information…


When building a new home what is the procedure for retic and lawn?

Paving or concrete is normally installed before retic and lawn. However, the retic’s main-line water pipes and wiring must be prelayed BEFORE any hard surfaces such as concrete, paving and retainer walls are installed. prelay retic pipes for new homeSpecifically:

  1. The retic controller is ordinarily located next to the meter box. Ensure solenoid wires can be routed from here to the water meter without being hindered by concrete, paving or walls.  Pipe and wire also needs to routed from front to rear yard without being hindered by concrete, paving or walls.
  2. Always ensure a 90mm conduit is installed beneath the driveway.
  3. Feeding pipes to the council verge beneath the foot path is rarely ever a problem.
  4. We can prelay pipe and wire (mentioned in 1, 2 & 3 above) for you.  This service is normally included in our quotes.
  5. When installing sleeves (or conduits), ensure these are constructed with bends that are no greater than about 15-20 degrees.  We CANNOT install pipe or wire into sleeves which have 90 degree elbows.

Try to get the builder to sort the soil levels with a bobcat when they are tidying the site at the end of the build. It is expensive getting this done afterwards!  Note, for lawn areas, the soil needs to be about 30-40mm below surrounding hard edges such as concrete, paving and curbs.


How do I prepare the ground for new lawn or remove existing lawn?

Please refer to the FAQ section in our lawn page.


How to minimize retic electrical problems?

reticulation electrics and solenoid valvesCareful planning of your retic’s electrics can prevent major problems in years to come. Some important considerations are:

  • Aim to locate all solenoid valves in a single location and in a single poly box. Having solenoids dotted all over the yard can be a major problem when they need to be located for maintenance purposes.
  • Use a durable poly box that will protect the valves and wire junctions from foot and vehicle traffic. Also, avoid allowing sand to cover the valves and wire junctions. 
  • Use multi-core wire that is protected with an outer PVC sheath. Wires should be further protected with electrical conduit, or where possible, they can be strapped beneath PVC piping.


How to improve sprinkler pressure?

Poor sprinkler pressure may be due to a broken pipe or poor system design, such as narrow pipe or the use of too many sprinkler outlets on a given station.

25mm PVC pipe for garden retic

Narrow piping is one of the common “mistakes” made by installers.  20mm PVC, or even worse, 19mm black poly are often installed throughout the retic system as a cost saving measure.  19mm black poly not only severely restrict flow rate but also causes a maintenance nightmare as it is highly susceptible to leaks – not only due to shovels but also their clamped junctions become loose.  For these reasons we prefer to use 25mm PVC pipe throughout.  It is very durable and helps prevent dry spots in your garden.

Sprinkler pressure can also be improved by:

  • Ensure the existing nozzles are not “oversized” and therefore using more water than what is required.
  • Installing high flow solenoid valves such as Bermad 200 Series.
  • Installing low flow-rate nozzles such as Toro Precision or MP Rotators (note Toro Precision can operate at lower pressures than MP Rotators).
  • Splitting an existing station into 2 or more zones by adding extra solenoid valves.


How to position lawn sprinklers to ensure full coverage and no dead spots?

Pop-ups should be positioned using “head-to-head” configuration.  Not only does this ensure 100% coverage but also helps maximize water efficiency and minimize over-spray.  retic with full coverage“Head-to-head” essentially means that the sprinklers are spaced so that their spray just reaches the adjacent sprinkler.  Now, sprinkler nozzles are specified to achieve a specific watering radius at a given pressure.  Therefore, achieving head-to-head watering relies on matching both of these parameters.

Head-to-head watering is demonstrated in the diagram (right).  Each red dot symbolizes a sprinkler. The red lines represent each sprinklers radius of coverage, and the numbers represent how many sprinklers water a given area.  Hence, some areas are watered 4 times (i.e. by 4 sprinklers), others 3 times and some areas are “only” watered twice.  This overlap of coverage (2, 3 or 4-fold) helps guarantee 100% coverage and no dead spots.


Micro irrigation problemsI’m tired of micro spray retic.  The outlets are always blocking, the water blows away in the wind and the risers snap off.  Is there a better alternative?

Surface drip-line and filtered 15mm outlets are probably the best alternative to micro spray retic:

  • Drip-line (top photo) produces deep watering of roots and is extremely water wise. Bore “rated” varieties are both durable and resistant to blockages.  Drip-line can be placed on the surface or just beneath mulch.
  • 15mm outlets/nozzles are mounted on 15mm poly risers.  These are durable and provide “deep watering” of roots.  The outlets contain a filter that is easily removed and cleaned. A variety of nozzles can be fitted such “rectangular pattern” side-strip nozzles and adjustable “mushroom” bubblers (right photo).


What is a retic “cut-in”?

Retic cut-inThis is the point where a retic system is connected to the mains water supply. For maximum pressure, it is preferable to locate this as close as possible to the water meter. A retic cut-in should possess a manual shut-off valve and back flow protection device (check valve).

By law, a cut-in must be conducted by a licensed plumber. This usually costs about $220 plus GST.


Why have a ‘master’ solenoid?

master solenoid for reticulationMaster solenoids (do not confuse these with ‘station’ solenoids) are required for retic systems that utilize mains water supply.  A master solenoid is screwed directly onto the retic cut-in and only permits water to flow into the retic system when the retic is operated.  There are several reasons this is needed:

  • Firstly this prevents the retic’s mainline pipework from being under constant ‘mains’ pressure while the retic is switched off.
  • It prevents 24×7 water consumption should there be any leaks in the retic’s mainline pipework or solenoids.
  • Mains water supply is susceptible to pressure spikes.  The attached photo (right) is of a ruptured piece of 25mm Class 9 PVC from a retic mainline. Whilst this PVC is rated to about 900 kPa and the water supply’s pressure is normally around 400 kPa (static), there are no prizes for guessing how high the pressure spiked.


What is the optimum watering method for lawn areas?

Hunter PGP and MP RotatorIf retic durability and maintenance are your key concern then gear drive sprinklers such as the Hunter PGP are advisable.  Their body is large and robust and their turret pops up 100mm when watering, well clear of un-mowed grass.  Their arc and range is highly adjustable and will spray to a 13 metre radius, which equates to less sprinklers and therefore less maintenance.

Where over spray needs to be avoided due to strong winds or bore iron stain, then it is worth considering MP Rotators.  These spray a “stream” of water (like a syringe) which is resistant to being blown away by the wind.  MP Rotators “consume” water at about one-third the rate of standard static nozzles and are therefore useful if the water supply’s flow rate is low.


Can I install a filter in my retic to prevent blocked micro sprayers?

Filter for preventing retic blockagesIf you have no alternative to micro spray retic, you can avoid blockages by installing a ‘disc’ filter in the feed line.  

Disc filters are easy to clean and will handle a much higher volume of dirt compared to regular screen filters.  The filter unit is stored in a poly solenoid box for ease of identification and access for maintenance.  

We can usually supply and fit these for about $150.


Need a manual for your retic controller or other components?

  1. For our commonly installed items please click here
  2. For retic controller manuals click here
  3. Hunter Node:  Brochure  |  Manual
  4. MiniPro Gear drive sprinklers:  Manual


What are the rostered watering days for Perth?

The summer watering roster for Perth region is effective between 6pm and 9am from 1st Sept to 1st June:

Last digit of
house number
Watering days for
scheme and bore
Additional watering
day for bore
0Monday and FridayWednesday
1Wednesday and SaturdayMonday
2Sunday and ThursdayTuesday
3Monday and FridayWednesday
4Tuesday and SaturdayThursday
5Sunday and WednesdayFriday
6Monday and ThursdaySaturday
7Tuesday and FridaySunday
8Wednesday and SaturdayMonday
9Sunday and ThursdayTuesday


What is the current cost of water in Perth, WA?

Given the cost of running garden irrigation, it has become important to install water wise retic. Water wise components will ensure water is placed where it is needed most, instead of being wasted on footpaths and roads!

The price of water is tiered i.e. the more you use, the more you pay.  This is to help encourage the careful use of water.  To find the latest price information please go to

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